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        Have a strong technical force

        Our company has a strong technical force, advanced and perfect production testing equipment, and the formation of exquisite manufacturing technology and unique product design concept

        Perfect production testing equipment

        The unique product design concept has an annual production capacity of 1300 kVA. The product has been entered into the recommendation catalogue of the national economic and Trade Commission's rural network construction through the IS09001 international quality system certification.


        Adhere to quality to survive

        The company has consistently adhered to the quality of survival, with good faith in development, and has been praised by the users, and the products are in short supply.

        Professional after-sale service

        24 hours home service in the province, outside the province in principle less than 48 hours to the scene, the products sold for a year

        about us

        LuoyangXinghe Special TransformerCo., Ltd.

        Luoyang Xinghe Special Transformer Co., Ltd.

        Walk into Luoyang Xinghe Special Transformer Co., Ltd.

        Taking science and technology as the guide and product innovation as the goal
        Luoyang Xinghe is a comprehensive group company with the registered capital of 100,26 million RMB ,which totally has three branches as Luoyang Xinghe Special Transformer Co.,Ltd, Luoyang Xinghe Electric Co.,Ltd and luoyang Xinghe power electric Co,ltd,whose business consists the production and sales of high and low voltage power transformer, box-type substation, power electrical complete sets of equipment,integrating installation...
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